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Aims & Objectives




Physiotherapy and Sports Science programme provide well-grounded quality undergraduate programmes and services that meet the market demands of public and private sectors and individual interests in preventive health, wellness and fitness as well as clinical athletes’ management in line with international values.



Physiotherapy and Sports Science programme are designed to develop manpower with scientific principles essential for health, preventive health, wellness and sports science profession by:

  1. Providing science-based educational training in Physiotherapy and Sports Science through the development and implementation of strategic programmes that would prevent the incidence and/or severity of sports injuries and optimize clients'/patients' overall health and quality of life.
  2. Ensuring that students acquire educational training in the clinical knowledge and professional skills for assessing, treating and managing sports injuries.
  3. Demonstrating the application of a defined body of knowledge and procedural skills, to collect and interpret data, make appropriate clinical decisions, and carry out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures safely and effectively as Physiotherapist.
  4. Developing the understanding and acceptance of exercise as an alternative to medicine for total wellness within the country at large as entrenched internationally.
  5. Planning and examining sports development initiatives aimed at making positive impacts on individuals and communities.
  6. Preparing students who would exhibit competency and professionalism in preventive exercise delivery and scientific athletic injury management primarily as determined by national and international regulatory bodies.
  7. Collaborating with renowned institutions of higher learning in Exercise and Sports Science professions to improve and share academic experiences in research and teaching for quality graduate output. This will also enhance the adeptness of our products in meeting the needs of the ever-changing world.